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IP Registration And Transfers In New And Emerging Entertainment Media

Realizing the value of IP rights generally begins with registration and copyright, but achieving their full value often depends on your legal team’s ability to negotiate and document future agreements and partnerships for wider distribution or licensing into new channels.

Los Angeles intellectual property attorney Brian J. Murphy has over 25 years of experience in entertainment IP acquisitions, licensing, sales and transactions in Southern California and around the world. He can help you identify, evaluate and document licensing and distribution rights that not only generate revenue streams, but that also let you maintain a measure of control over the use of your entertainment media content or software application once you’ve made it commercially productive.

Intellectual Property And The Entertainment Industry

An experienced lawyer’s advice about IP registration, acquisition, licensing and sales can help you get the most out of your intellectual property rights in different forms:

  • Software and source code
  • Motion pictures, film and video in all formats
  • Computer-generated imagery and graphics
  • Film or television adaptations of published literary works
  • Animation and anime
  • Cross-marketing through brand integration or selective licensing
  • Video games and flash applications
  • Wireless and telephone applications, including mobile phone ringtones
  • Music in analog or digital form

At the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law, we offer practical business advice as well as legal counsel. We can help you understand your market and the value of your work to various prospective licensees, purchasers or equity participants. You’ll be better able to evaluate competing offers from a position of strength as you consider different distribution platforms and licensing terms. If you expect to transact IP transfers on a large or recurrent scale, we can also advise you and your company about the management of intellectual property portfolios.

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