Entertainment Finance

At the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney and Counselor at Law, we advise and counsel entertainment lenders, borrowers and public and private investors worldwide as well as other providers and users of capital in the entertainment industry. The advice and counsel our entertainment financing attorneys includes, among other categories:
  • Structuring, negotiating and documenting investor financing and loan agreements for one-off projects
  • Complex credit lines involving more than one project
  • Motion picture slate financings involving multiple projects.

We are prepared to handle the most challenging motion picture financing tasks.  We structure, negotiate and document negative pick-up and “gap” financing agreements, as well as more complex multi-distributor “split rights” and international co-financings. We also handle complicated joint ventures, private placements and equity fund financing for entertainment products and companies.

International Co-Finance And Co-Productions

Our entertainment finance attorneys specialize in advising non-U.S. individuals and entities on how to structure successful business relationships with individuals and entities in the U.S. entertainment industry, as well as assist U.S. individuals and entities with the business and cultural challenges that exist in the international entertainment industry marketplace.

We advise and counsel our clients in structuring and negotiating international co-finance/co-productions for all creative product, content and distribution channels and product platforms, including multi-territory split rights and rights acquisition transactions worldwide.

Our International Finance And Production Consulting Network

Through our global network of entertainment industry attorneys, business contacts and consultants our entertainment lawyers provide our clients with advice, counsel and a unique perspective on the various private, public and institutional entertainment product funding sources worldwide as well as economically advantageous production and post-production locations throughout the globe.

We also use this network to provide lobbying and consulting services for access to foreign agencies and entities. We help our clients seek out production incentive packages, tax credits and other available funding subsidies for their projects.

On behalf of both our non-U.S. clients and our U.S. clients our entertainment attorneys structure, negotiate and document production incentive packages, tax credits and other production funding subsidy agreements with U.S. state and foreign government agencies depending upon the location and other unique requirements of our producer clients.

When Experience Matters, Choose Brian J. Murphy

With over 25 years of experience in representing our U.S. and international clients, our entertainment lawyers provide a valuable bridge between diverse cultures and entertainment industry business interests worldwide. Contact our firm online or call 310-473-3500 to schedule your appointment today.