Los Angeles International Film
Production Attorney

At the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney and Counselor at Law in Los Angeles, our clients benefit from an attorney’s advice across the spectrum of legal and practical considerations that arise when motion picture and new media productions cross international boundaries. You can rely on us for dependable counsel on issues ranging from deal structuring, financing and government subsidies to licensing and content rights.

To learn more, contact our office in Los Angeles to discuss your foreign motion picture or new media project with an attorney experienced in entertainment and new media law.

Our firm works with producers, investors, entertainment media companies, motion picture studios, talent and independent contractors based in Southern California, elsewhere around the United States or in foreign countries who need advice about international co-productions. We advise and represent foreign clients interested in American, Canadian or other international locations as well as American clients interested in “runaway productions” in Europe, Canada, India or such Pacific Rim countries as China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or the Philippines.

Knowledgeable Representation For Producers, Investors And Talent

Our advice covers the full range of legal, financial and logistical needs for producers, investors, entertainment media companies, motion picture studios, talent (both in front of and behind the camera), recording artists, animators, advertisers, ad agencies, corporate sponsors, computer graphics technicians and website and game designers and developers. On most projects, these considerations will include:

  • Deal structuring, contract negotiation and documentation
  • Project financing through co-productions or private investment
  • Government subsidies, tax credits and “soft money”
  • Location support
  • Licensing, sales and distribution
  • Cross-marketing and transmedia opportunities
  • Brand integration and product placement opportunities
  • Documentation of agreements with talent, location support services, technical contractors and post-production services

Los Angeles entertainment/new media lawyer Brian J. Murphy offers a distinctive blend of experience at the point of intersection of international business, intellectual property rights, motion pictures, television, the Internet and new media productions to benefit clients with complex legal and practical needs worldwide.

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For more information about the scope of our firm’s practice on behalf of clients involved with international motion picture, television or new media projects, email Brian J. Murphy, Attorney at Law. You can also reach our Los Angeles office by phone at 310-473-3500.