Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor At Law

Brian J. Murphy serves as your point of entry to a global network of attorneys, business professionals, financing experts and technology consultants. We provide clients with a powerful combination of legal insight and business acumen targeted to the needs of performers, creative professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and corporations in the entertainment, IP, new media, high tech, e-commerce and professional sports industries.

Whether you are creative talent, a producer, an investor, a corporate entertainment, media or sports executive, an IP-based business, an Internet/new media startup or a professional athlete, our experience reflects legal skills that are essential to the accurate evaluation of the nature and value of your professional options.

To learn how our attorneys help clients of the firm maximize their creative and business interests while avoiding costly mistakes, contact our office in Los Angeles.

Legal Advice For Creative Professionals, Entrepreneurs And Companies

Our attorneys serve our clients from the inception of their creative and innovative ideas and concepts through development, financing, production, distribution, royalties and residuals. We advise clients in Southern California, the Bay Area and around the world about the business aspects of their innovations and creative works, especially at points of intersection between entertainment media opportunities, intellectual property rights and high tech applications. Here are some examples that illustrate the scope of our practice:

  • Domestic and international high tech or IP driven business transactions or joint ventures
  • Domestic and international finance co-productions and venture capital opportunities
  • Domestic and international copyright and trademark registration and transfers
  • Licensing, distribution, marketing or sale of IP assets or creative content
  • Brand integration and product placement in all media
  • Adaptation of existing content to newly available technologies and revenue streams, from digital publishing opportunities to wireless and telephone applications
  • Domestic and foreign government subsidies for live-action or animated motion pictures, television, or Internet productions
  • Publishing in all media: print, graphic novels, comics, Web content, trade books, periodicals including electronic media publishing

As a law firm with a global reach, our attorneys structure international co-finance and co-production opportunities for both our American and overseas clients. Our services extend beyond the original project to protect revenue streams generated from repurposed content in future applications. With the support of an indispensable network of focused lawyers, business contacts and technical consultants all over the globe, we serve as a bridge between diverse business interests and cultures worldwide.

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Our clients find us to be accessible, personable and resourceful. We offer the same skills and experience that can be found at much larger multi-national law firms, but without the complex chains of command that can complicate access to your own lawyer. Contact Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law, in Los Angeles, or call 310-473-3500 to find out how you can benefit from the individual client service and responsiveness that our firm offers.

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