As today’s digital society continues to grow exponentially and evolve before our eyes, your intellectual property rights may well be your most valuable asset. Our firm will advise and assist you and your company in the protection of your IP rights, allowing for their fullest commercial exploitation. We can also assist with the practical application of intellectual property related to the Internet, intranets, email and document or data retention policies. Our lawyers also offer counsel on such critical business concerns as unfair competition, counterfeiting, gray marketing and product diversion.

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights And Maximizing The Value Of Your Assets

Contact the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law to learn how our attorneys serve the intellectual property needs of clients ranging from large corporations to start-up businesses and individual entrepreneurs. We advise clients in Southern California, around the United States and all over the world. Recognizing the interdependence of international markets, we are uniquely positioned to help solve the legal problems of our clients worldwide across a range of legal needs.

IP Purchase, Sales, Licensing And Distribution Transactions

We structure and negotiate a wide range of agreements with IP dimensions: licensing, franchising, technology transfer, corporate or partnership formation and acquisitions, and domestic and international joint ventures. We represent clients in mergers, acquisitions and dispositions of companies with valuable intellectual property rights, including technology-based companies in the computer software, electronics and biomedical industries; aerospace and defense companies; consumer products companies; apparel companies; non-fungible tokens, retailers and publishers.

We specialize specifically in representing IP owners, creators and collectors in the licensing, sale and trade of digital assets and collectibles utilizing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) deployed on the blockchain.

Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Names And Trade Dress

Words, phrases, designs, logos and other commercial symbols used to identify products, services, or their creators and owners in the marketplace can be protected as intellectual property in various forms: trademarks, service marks, trade names or trade dress. Your company name can be protected against the use of similar names by others. A color scheme or unique theme for a business or product packaging can be protected as trade dress. We can assist you in international trademark and service mark registrations, as well as counseling you concerning the selection, availability and use of trademarks, service marks, trade names and trade dress, including enforcement of such intellectual property rights.

U.S. And International Copyright Protection

We advise and assist computer software developers, writers, authors, artists, designers, cartoonists, advertisers, motion picture and television producers, composers, recording artists and others who create works of authorship under domestic and international copyright laws so that they will have the ability to maintain control over the products of their creativity, as well as protect the profits resulting from those works. We can assist you regarding copyright registration involving works such as computer programs and databases, websites, novels, screenplays, newspaper and magazine articles, graphics, fine art, motion pictures and other audio visual works, just to name a few. Our lawyers also counsel clients concerning the scope of copyright protection for their works and the rights of third parties in those works.

Internet, Domain Names And Computer Law

Our attorneys structure, draft and negotiate Internet website design/development and hosting agreements, software development and licensing agreements, assignments/transfers and a wide range of computer and e-commerce related agreements. We also assist clients with domain name searches and registrations with the goal of acquiring defensible or transferable domain name rights that themselves can accumulate valuable equity for your business.

Trade Secrets And Confidentiality Issues

Valuable information — both technological and commercial — can be protected and exploited as trade secrets if the appropriate safeguards are followed. We advise clients on how to protect trade secrets, business “know how” and confidential information from loss, whether through misappropriation by employees, third-party piracy or otherwise.

False Advertising And Unfair Competition

The Internet continues to make products and services instantly available to consumers in an increasingly competitive international marketplace. Effective advertising is a vital tool to survival on the Internet. Businesses routinely use offers of “free” products, rebates, sweepstakes, contests, testimonials, endorsements, comparative advertising and a panoply of product claims in every available media to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

At the same time, consumer and competitor complaints, rigorous government enforcement of false advertising laws and industry self-policing are on the rise. We counsel our clients in all aspects of advertising law including conduct compliance reviews of advertising copy prior to publication, and provide practical advice on a broad range of advertising and marketing issues including false advertising, libel and defamation.

Get Experienced Help With Your IP Transaction

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