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Famous Athletes, Celebrities and Tattoo Copyrights: Who Owns What?

When ordinary, non-famous people—people like you and me—pay a tattoo artist for inking the visible parts of our bodies, we don’t typically generate much controversy or legal intrigue. The general consumer public most likely thinks the tattoo itself belongs to the person wearing it, since it’s part of their bodies. But when a professional athlete…

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Loss-of-Value Insurance Policies Enter the NFL Landscape

Earlier this summer, Philadelphia offensive lineman Chuck Warmack added another item to his list of noteworthy life events: he became the first NFL player to collect on a loss-of-value insurance policy. Loss-of-value policies have been common for some time among college players, because they protect a player’s financial future in the event of a career-halting…

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How do corporate sponsors secure sports sponsorship contracts?

Multimillion dollar sports sponsorship contracts require careful negotiations best handled by an experienced attorney. The Dallas Cowboys are rated the world’s most valuable sports team as of July, 2018.  Blockbuster TV contracts and owner-friendly collective bargaining agreements are causing record sale prices in every major U.S. sports league. (source: Forbes) Lucrative sponsorship deals for players and…


How businesses can get pro athlete and celebrity endorsements

More professional athlete and celebrity endorsement deals involve giving spokespeople ownership shares in emerging businesses, rather than large cash payments. An attorney can help businesses arrange these endorsement deals. Apple Inc. made headlines in May 2014 when it announced it was going to purchase Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion. A less widely-reported…

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Do new pro sports equity endorsement and sponsorship models raise legal concerns for athletes?

Professional athletes are finding a new array of equity arrangements to consider in endorsement and branding contracts. The answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” Professional athletes are becoming the focus of new, creative equity-structured arrangements in which their personal brands are either leveraged in exchange for equity in companies; or athletes’ earnings and…

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