Intellectual Property And Licensing

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of our culture. Each day, new and innovative ideas and concepts are created, and those ideas and concepts are refined until they are commercially marketable. It is important to work with an experienced intellectual property attorney from the inception of your creative ideas and innovative concepts in order to enhance their future value in the commercial marketplace.

Serving Intellectual Property & Licensing Clients In California And Around The World

Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law, advises and counsels creative artists, content creators and owners, and other individuals and entities in the creation, registration and protection of their intellectual property, content titles, copyrights and trademarks. As a Los Angeles-based firm, we have acquired extensive experience with motion picture merchandise licensing and distribution.

We can also use our global network of connections to assist clients with worldwide commercial exploitation of their intellectual property, including merchandising ventures and opportunities, publishing, advertising and marketing, promotions and sponsorships, interactive and video games, Internet, social networking, wireless, mobile telecom, e-commerce applications, and other new technology and new media commercial exploitation.

Efficient, Experienced Handling Of Transactions And Licensing Agreements

Our lawyers advise and counsel our clients about the best ways to structure, negotiate and document intellectual property transactions, IP portfolio strategy and management, joint development relationships, and confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements.

Our attorneys also structure, negotiate and document entertainment product and content acquisitions and sales, as well as copyright and trademark licensing in all existing and emerging distribution channels and platforms worldwide, including Internet and wireless, telecom and strategic integration across different distribution channels and platforms.

Reliable Counsel Throughout the Publication and Distribution Process

Our attorneys advise and counsel book authors, screenwriters, literary artists and their estates in copyright and trademark protection matters and in structuring, negotiating and documenting agreements for book, comic book, graphic novel and Internet publishing, literary property option and acquisition, screenplay writing and other writing agreements.

At the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law, our lawyers have over 25 years of experience advising clients located in Los Angeles, Southern California and throughout the world in the protection and commercial exploitation of their intellectual property. Top worldwide news organizations — such as Fox News and CNN — have consulted attorney Brian J. Murphy for his unique perspective on breaking news regarding the protection and licensing of proprietary intellectual property.

Important Factors To Be Aware Of In IP Negotiations

Ownership rights: Businesses, entrepreneurs and independent professionals in the entertainment, media or technology industries often make the mistake of thinking they own a website or graphic design they paid a professional to design and develop. This is not necessarily the case. In order to ensure copyright or trademark ownership, it is important that you have a signed contract, clearly specifying ownership rights. The agreement should be drafted by an experienced attorney, stating specifically that the relationship between yourself (or your business entity) and the designer was strictly a ‘work-for-hire’ and that you have control of all ownership rights. The contract should take into account all subcontractors used during the design and production process and must be signed by all parties.

Intellectual property infringement: Startups and budding entrepreneurs often try to take advantage of an established company’s market presence by emulating a prominent label, design or service mark. If brought to litigation, the courts will view the case through the lens of ‘likelihood of confusion’ and will generally protect the intellectual property rights of the established business — if they determine the startup design seeks to ‘piggyback’ on the goodwill established by the corporate entity. If you are considering entering the entertainment, media or technology marketplace, it is important to retain a qualified attorney to research and provide advice regarding possible infringement of a registered trademark, copyright or patent.

Copyrights: Generally, certain copyright protections apply from the moment of original creation of a manuscript or design. This does not mean that your work will be protected to the fullest extent provided by law without an official copyright or trademark registration. We will explain how intellectual property laws work and explain your options to fully protect yourself under the law.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

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