Business Law And Formations

No matter how well you know your business or how strong your relationships are within it, you should form a business entity in order to minimize the risks associated with doing business in today’s litigious business environment. For the advice of an attorney experienced in business entity selection, formation and registration, particularly for businesses with any intellectual property assets, contact the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law in Los Angeles.

Protect Profits And Minimize Risk

We’ll explain how properly formed business entities can help shield your personal assets from business-related liabilities associated with the transactions that are vital to your work and the success of your business. We’ll also show you how different corporate, or partnership or limited liability entities are useful for achieving varying management objectives.

A lawyer’s advice can be instrumental in making sure that your business entity selection and formation decisions are tailored specifically to your current circumstances while preserving flexibility for future growth or the sale of your business. Proper formation and maintenance of your business and its assets will enhance as well as protect the value of your company if you later get the chance to merge with another business, sell it or take it public.

Whether the business entity that fits best for your business is a limited liability company (LLC), S Corporation, or an individual loan-out corporation, contact us today for your business entity selection, formation and registration needs.

Secure Your Present, Plan For Your Future

For businesses with intellectual property assets, it’s common to set up a new business entity for each spin-off business, joint venture or new project you’re engaged in — if properly structured this approach can limit the exposure to the assets committed to each new spin-off business, joint venture or new project as opposed to the entire enterprise or other unrelated businesses.

We not only guide entrepreneurs and businesses through the formalities of initial business entity formation, but we also continue to advise clients as the business grows. We can help ensure that your business structure continues to protect you when equity participants change, management challenges increase and financial opportunities grow more complex.

Sound Business Formation Advice In Southern California And Nationwide

Find out more about the ways careful attention to business entity formation can help you at each stage of your company’s growth. Email Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law, in Los Angeles for additional information. You can reach us by phone at 310-473-3500.