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As the Internet and handheld wireless devices have matured into primary platforms for the distribution, re-purposing and commercial exploitation of entertainment and media content of all kinds, creators, writers, performers, owners and producers of both new and existing material can find their rights and financial interests jeopardized whenever a new way to use old content is discovered.To learn how an experienced lawyer can advise you about protecting your content rights in any medium or product form, contact Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law in Los Angeles.

Dependable Advice About Your Entertainment And Media Content Rights

Southern California entertainment and new media attorney Brian J. Murphy’s blend of experience over a 25-year career is ideal for writers, producers, owners and performers who are interested in protecting their entertainment and media content rights.

He combines professional experience and practical insight in such fields as motion picture and television production, contract law, intellectual property, and content licensing and distribution. His objective is to help clients realize the full value of protected material exploited across the ever-expanding number of new distribution platforms while at the same time protecting interests in content exploited through more traditional distribution channels.

The challenge in today’s digital media world is to find the best ways to protect and enforce copyrights, image and voice rights across a wide range of marketing and distribution platforms that didn’t exist when an artist’s or writer’s work was originally created.

Protect Your Rights Across All Media

We help clients protect their content rights in animated and live-action motion pictures, video, CGI, music, literary property and written material of all kinds when the opportunity arises to repurpose the material in new media:

  • Internet applications, handheld wireless devices and cell phones (e.g., Apple iPhone/iPad applications, ringtones, etc.)
  • Video games and broadband interactive gaming
  • CGI graphics, and animated or live-action HD or 3D productions
  • Internet, new media and transmedia marketing and advertising
  • Electronic publishing and the development of digital libraries and catalogues

Who We Serve

Our clients include individual and corporate content owners, writers, actors, directors, composers, recording artists, graphic artists, developers and designers who recognize the need to protect their creative work through copyright and contract in emerging new media. We also advise writers, content owners and creative artists whose work was created when today’s distribution platforms couldn’t have been imagined. Content licensors, licensees and transferees can also benefit from our experience on matters ranging from registration to IP portfolio management.

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For advice on how you can protect your rights to entertainment and new media content across a wide range of purposes, applications and platforms, call the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law, at 310-473-3500. You can also complete our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.