Motion Picture And TV Production
Subsidies And Tax Credits

Experienced producers in media of all types understand that the strategic use of government production subsidies, wherever and whenever available, can help reduce costs and protect margins. To inquire about how your project or company may take advantage of government-sponsored subsidies, tax credits and other “soft money” production incentives to help lower the break-even point on your media project, contact the office of Brian J. Murphy, Attorney & Counselor at Law in Los Angeles.

Take Advantage Of All Available Production Subsidies And Tax Credits

Southern California entertainment and new media attorney Brian J. Murphy works with producers, lenders and equity participants to show how production subsidies and tax credits may help protect lenders and investors by reducing production costs in both domestic and international projects.

He monitors the eligibility criteria and related conditions for clients who want to take advantage of government-sponsored subsidies and tax breaks all over the world. Clients of all sizes and levels of sophistication can take advantage of our experience with government subsidies and tax incentives for motion picture, TV, Internet, new media and transmedia production.

A Thorough Understanding Of Programs And Their Criteria

The specifics of particular government programs vary from place to place and change over time. In the United States, many states have established different types of subsidy programs and tax credits with varying degrees of success or failure. For example, Canada has long subsidized motion picture and TV production to both encourage employment opportunities for Canadian producers and talent, and as economic stimulus for local communities.

If your motion picture, TV, Internet or advertising project could benefit from subsidies or tax breaks, our lawyers can advise you about your options and the details of obtaining access to these benefits.

To get the greatest benefit out of a local or national government production subsidy, you’ll need to understand the conditions and objectives that justify as well as trigger the government incentives. In many cases, the primary motivator is employment in the community where the production or post production is to take place. In other situations, the engagement and promotion of local or national talent will be an important factor. Oftentimes, both the local “spend” of production budget monies and the employment of the location country’s producers, filmmakers, actors or citizens will maximize the economic benefits available to the project.

Across The Globe, In Any Medium

Many of our clients value our unique understanding of the available government-sponsored motion picture production subsidy structures for traditional and transmedia projects in Canada, the UK, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim, including China, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Our experience covers animation, live-action, CGI, 2D and 3D, and video games as well as transmedia projects that also involve product exploitation through hand-held wireless devices such as mobile PDAs and cell phones, and other new media applications and distribution platforms.

Contact An Experienced Entertainment Lawyer

The advice of our attorneys about your options and the logistics of accessing government production subsidies, rebates, tax credits and related “soft money” opportunities can help you realize the advantages of government production incentive programs wherever they exist around the world. For additional information, contact Brian J. Murphy in Los Angeles.